About us

Welcome to THE HUB!

We provide support to individuals aged 11-25 years who are experiencing issues with substance misuse in Lewisham.
 We work with young people who are using substances, including cannabis, legal highs, alcohol and any other harmful substances as necessary.

Our Mission

To work with young people, their families and the wider community within Lewisham to reduce the impact of substance misuse, support recovery and to challenge inequalities. Our aim is always to build the young person’s motivation and capacity to address their needs and sustain their treatment and recovery so that they can achieve their potential physically, academically, economically and socially. Increasingly, we also work with young people to improve their sexual health and emotional wellbeing as part of a wider focus.

Our Vision

To provide a FREE confidential and friendly drug and alcohol service that values young people and their families to achieve positive outcomes.

Our Support

The Hub works with young people between to prevent and reduce the risks from drug and alcohol use to themselves and the community. We work with a wide range of young people, from those needing brief support and advice to those with longer-term needs.

Support from our practitioners includes:

  • Advice and Guidance
  • Assessments
  • Individual treatment plans
  • Family support
  • Group work
  • Social Activities
  • Outreach
  • Access Education, Training and Employment
  • Sexual Health