Service user involvement

The Hub is a service committed to involving service users. We believe it should be possible to help service users to contribute to The Hub on issues that may affect them such as service management, development, and priorities for the future and the wider community.

Our ambition is to deliver partnerships, which put service users’ views, needs, aspirations, experiences and expert knowledge at the heart of what we do. We are committed to co-production and to breaking down the barriers between people who use services and professionals providing them, whilst building on people’s existing capabilities. We believe in the value of sharing ideas and information and working together to achieve shared goals.

As part of our commitment to service users having a say and being involved in the development and delivery of services they receive, we host, support and monitor the Hub Service User Involvement. Through involving you, we aim to increase opportunities by involving service users in how we run, change and influence the development of our services. We are committed to ensuring that all people The Hub works with are listened to and responded to, so that they receive high quality, personalised treatment package.

Anyone can get involved. Speak to us if you are interested?
Click here to download our Service User Representative Job Description document.